About us

Alatus Capital S.A. is an Investment Manager based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a Limited Liability Company under Swiss Law and is authorized by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Regulator, to act as an Asset Manager of Collective Investment Schemes.

Alatus Capital’s focus is on long-term capital preservation and appreciation via investments in publicly traded equities. The firm uses a proprietary free-cash-flow based framework to invest primarily in Europe-headquartered companies that often are leaders in global niches and have substantial global exposure, while benefiting from quality corporate governance.

Alatus’ co-founders, Richard Vogel and Antoine Firmenich, joined forces as they realized that the world of finance had become too complex, and was lacking in terms of simplicity, authenticity and integrity. Having been approached by a small number of institutions and individuals who shared their views, they started to manage the portfolio under a segregated account structure.

In 2007, the managed accounts were pooled to launch the flagship long-short fund, and it was opened to number of global institutions and leading multigenerational businesses wishing to gain deeper insights and exposure to Europe.

Jérôme Haag, COO and CFO, joined the firm at this time ensuring that best-in-class systems were put in place, and managing the firm’s relationships with top-tier service providers.

Third partner Patrick McNeill joined soon thereafter, with a mandate to build and lead a first-rate research and analysis team, and to assist Richard Vogel in managing the portfolio.

In 2012 the firm started managing the long book of the flagship fund, fully invested, as a separately managed account for a European foundation.

In 2014 a long-only UCITS fund was launched, and in 2016 the firm created a second managed account, mirroring the first one, for a US University.

Finally in 2017, at the request of a US foundation, the firm launched a Cayman co-mingled long-only fund mirroring the existing managed accounts.

Firm assets have grown slowly and steadily since 2007 and today a number of preeminent Endowments & Foundations, Corporate & State Pensions funds, large Family Offices and discerning Professional Investors are invested alongside the Partners.

Internal capital continues to be a significant part of the asset base, and compounding capital remains the first priority. Alatus Capital pursues excellence in European value investing. The investment team has grown over time with no turnover.